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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
The problem with the Internet is that things can be taken to heart, more so when it's misleading information.

What he's saying is he does not have engineering done unless he is required to have a permit.

As usual, our PA member is disseminating poor information.

Engineering also is done for liability reasons. If you build a wall to the engineers specs and it fails - the liability falls on the engineer. And yes, years ago we did have a wall that was speced by the clients engineer and the specs were bad specs.

If you build a 7' wall along the edge of a driveway and the customer comes behind you and builds a garage, and you had NO engineering, and the garage is built and 8 yrs later the wall slides down the hill.......guess what, you're getting sued and you're probably going to be found liable. As soon as the customer starts researching deeper and deeper and find out that you neglected to have engineering done - you lost the case. You will be liable for removal of the wall, removal of the garage, rebuilding the wall, and rebuilding the garage.
So what did you tell your customer that you built a wall for that had someone else put in the pavers with terrible drainage? I doubt anywhere in your wall specs it said anything about a paver patio and how it should be installed.
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