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Yeah I've been watching that guy try to sell that dozer for a few months. He's had it on ebay and hasnt met reserve. I think he wants way too much money if you check what they've been bringing at Ritchie Bros and the like.
I kept seeing that dozer the further back I went through the postings. So yea, some reason its not selling.

Comparing apples to apples, I believe the E series was early 90's vintage but a 550 is not quite a D3 size dozer. With that said, if you're finding Cat and Deere machines the same age but are larger for another $5K, that would be about par compared to this deal. Are you concerned with weight for transport?
Not necesarilly concerned with weight unless we are closing in to 20-25k. My main concern would be to keep a smaller dozer for the type of work I want to pursue. I cant compete with the local companies for larger work as they have equipment and their rates are crazy low. I want to shoot for smaller niche work which is why a 13-20k dozer would be better suited.
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