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Originally Posted by Outlawn View Post
I believe AMSoil has actually tested saber pro to 300:1 with no issues. Although, AMSoil does state to run saber pro at 80:1 for commercial equipment. That said, no way in hell would I try it with anything else, especially if it suggests to mix at xx:1 ratio.
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Amsoil told both myself, and then GMLC when he talked to them, that Saber Pro had been tested to 300:1. The tech told me that the engine showed no signed of wear after doing so during their testing.

I'm not sure where you got that info about 80:1. It's labeled right on the bottle Saber Pro 100:1, and that is the mix ratio they recommended to me on the phone, though they said anything down to 50:1 is fine with 80:1 being very popular.

Go to this link and then scroll down to where it says applications
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