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Originally Posted by roberthathaway7 View Post
Just picked up my first REAL mower, a Ferris IS2000. Love the ride and the handling, but the cut is giving me fits. Keep UN mind, I'm not in an area where people spend money on their lawn, so I'm mowing half crabgrass usually. Since I've had it, I haven't been satisfied with the cut. It seems to leave rooster tails between the blades, especially with crabgrass. I know crabgrass doesn't cut the best, but it's abnormally bad. The deck is level. I tried tilting forward a little and it didn't make a difference that I could tell, so I put it back . Any ideas? And what should the height difference be between front an back of blades if I do tilt it? I tried 1/8". Also, I put on some G5 gator blades, and haven't noticed a difference either way. I need some help with this, it's killing me that i dropped this much money to have a worse cut than my Bushhog zt
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The first thing I'd do would be to try about 1/2" rake on the deck (lower in front of course). It's likely that when you get on the mower (your weight being more on the rear wheels than the front) negates the 1/8" rake you set the deck at. First thing of course is to set all 4 of your tires at the proper inflation (I like 7-10 for a much softer ride) and then go from there.

I even load my seat with different things to achieve my weight before setting the deck, but as I said you can just set it a little lower in front than what you want so that it will be right when you sit on it. This is a little overboard to some but I feel like if I'm going to take the time to set a deck I want it to be right.

I can't say that this will make a difference but it's the first thing I'd try.
Good luck, Stan
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