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Originally Posted by JaysLawnServices View Post
If you go into say, investment banking, or corporate america at all, you simply WONT get it (or it will be incredibly hard, starting from the bottom of bottom), without that piece of paper from an esteemed college. Names and titles are everything to the big guys in suits.
I'm actually going into financial planning and the University of Central Florida is a pretty big name school.
I am working with a good friend who I plan to have manage my lawn business while I pursue a Series 7. Depending on how well that goes, I will either sell the company or give him a lot more control over it and use it as a plan b in case something doesn't work in the realm of finance. Engineering, Architecture, and Medicine could cost more, but transferring, especially with dual enrollment, is the best bang for your buck.

Etw, your work is amazing by the way.
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