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Nice and the mods delete it....go figure. I never said I approve of using any mind altering substance while on the job. The problem is that it can stay in your system for 30 days or more. They need to find a way to test actual current intoxication similar to a blood alchohol level. There is no difference in someone using there legal prescribed medical marijuana on there own time then someone prescribed any legal narcotic pain med. What they do on there time is there business and no one else's.
And by the way DVS, the author of that post is noted in the top left hand corner. Why would you jump to that conclusion? Because pot heads are dumb? And did I mention that I don't use it? It doesn't appeal to me but it doesn't bother me if someone chooses to. Its absolutely harmless. And they have been trying to get the word out for years but unfortunately the federal government wont allow any kind of pro medical advertising on TV. Your only allowed to hear there "thruth"
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