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Originally Posted by bigpoppa85 View Post
Here's what I'm thinking now. Tell me about this potential formula. $50/man hour, and 200% wholesale price (doubling wholesale price).

I'm on my phone but I think it comes to $7,200 which is fairly close to my original number but more more sense in the formula.
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Excellent advice here. I knew my formula was nothing but a stop gap until I found a real one.

What do you all think about this one:

Materials: 200% of wholesale (double wholesale)
Labor: $50/ man hour.

Is that reasonable or do you think it should be more like 175% of materials and $65/man hour?

In the 200% MU example, I show the bid to come to 7,200. That's fairly close to my original number. In the 175% example the price would be 3062.50+4290=7352 + 400 extras= 7752.50

Which do you think is more feasible in the long run?
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