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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
I wouldn't bet on the MP2000 hitting 20 feet reliably unless you have a nozzle pressure of 50-55 PSI. That said, you might be able to hit it with a RB 1806-SAM-P45 (regulated @ 45 PSI) and the MP2000.

If you can't get it done with the MP2000 then your only choice with the MPRotators would be to put the MP3000 on a RB 1806-SAM-PRS body (regulated @ 30 PSI) and adjust down with the radius screw.

Doesn't matter if no more houses are being built in your cul-de-sac. If there are houses still being built that uses the same city main as the one that serves your cul-de-sac then there is a potential loss of static pressure.

80 PSI is too high for house plumbing and fixtures and IMO it needs to be regulated down. For your irrigation I would shoot for something in the 50-60 range at the valve as it sounds like you are on a postage stamp lot. Personally I would regulate them independently (house and irrigation supplies).

What body to use .... see question 1.

Don't worry about it. 1" will most likely be fine, but you need to crunch the numbers to be certain.
Thanks for your responses, I really do appreciate it!

Originally Posted by bcg View Post
If it were me, on a 40 x 80, I'd be using 5000 series rotors with low angle nozzles. MP's are great when you need to solve a problem but if you can use rotors, use them. It's easier and they're just as efficient.
Do the 5000 series adjust down easily? I thought about doing a rotor and if I could find one to hit 40ft with no problem I would have fewer heads to put in and I wouldn't have to deal with any 360 heads.

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