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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
this is not right was busy at work when I posted this.. 1% in 4 gallons would make it 4oz 1/2% would make the 4 gallons would make it 2oz..

make sure you use MSO if you want do a search on here under greendoc's name he has posted a lot about mso..

I just sprayed Celsius certainty and quicksilver and added 1%MSO and a week later have gotten great kill.. I have used this combo in the past and will use it again it cleans my yard up real good from the summer weeds..
Broadleaves, kyllinga, and nutsedge: toast. That mix will also make a lot of cool season grasses sick too. I use 1/2% MSO when it is over 85 and 1% when it is cooler than that. You know, I even measure additives and surfactants. Any kind of mistake on my part means the whole lawn goes brown. There are some that just guess. They also guess how much area a gallon of their spray mix is covering as well. Missile test site anyone?
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