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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Size is only one factor that goes into bidding, degree of difficulty, household income, etc etc! I had a guy that called for a bid this past season that had about 7K sq ft, but he had a brand new Mercedes and brand new BMW sitting in front of a half million dollar house, you think I'm going to bid $35 for him? No! I didn't get the job but I don't care, I'm not going to be some rich guys "Lawn Boy" And so far it's been my experience that those are the guys that generally are PIA customers anyway, so why not get paid for having to deal with them.
seriously you figure a price based on the income of the client?

I agree the other stuff, size, degree of difficulty, time spent but I don't care what you make. I charge the same. my prices are the same for EVERYONE from the mcdonalds worker at the drive thru to the heart doctor at the hospital.

my opinion and it's just my opinion it's bad business and morally wrong to charge someone more just because they make more.

goes along with this idea obama has to tax the rich more. if that's the case I would guess a lot would have the same idea I would have. I'm not gonna become rich if I'm gonna have to pay more taxes.

when giving a price I look at time required, what equipment has to be used (21 incher vs ztr) and difficulty of the job. that's it. doesn't matter how rich or poor you that's where the price comes from. I'm not gonna charge a guy who works at wendys $32 a week and charge the microsoft president more for the same situation just because he works more. the only way they get charged more is if more work is required. likewise I do the same quality work for everyone as well. those 2 types of client would get the same quality from me.
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