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Originally Posted by Ditta&Sons View Post
Here in Ontario, Canada, I'm in a zone 6 and I'm applying a 4-24-24 fall fertilizer in mid October. A 50-0-0 urea fertilizer would be applied in the very early spring. Can anyone explain why a high nitrogen fertilizer would be applied in the fall so close to dormancy and freeze?
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Why would youapply 4-24-24 so close to dormancy and freeze???

The whole point is that, everyone who understands the life cycle of grass agrees that it is useless to apply anything so close to dormancy and freeze...

It is also detrimental to apply N fert in early Spring as well... Again, those who understand the life cycle of grass all agree with that as well...

We must remember that it is the fertilizer salespeople that got everyone high on appling lots of fert all season long,,, NOT the horticulturalist that focusses on the needs of plants...
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