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Okay in light of there being an actual need for heavy P-K wouldn't it be safe to assume that healthy vibrant green top growth is needed to assimilate those nutrients?

Case in point all the lawns I'm still mowing at 3.5" and above are still green and actively growing. Morning frost is common here now. Many lawns in my area have been dropped down in mowing height and put to bed for the year. Many of those look iffy and dingy.

I have one client who used to work in the biz back east and used to be a licensed applicator. Every Fall he requests a crazy scalp low mow then he puts down Scott's Winterizer. Let's just say this lawn is always lagging in the Spring. The other point is he waters 2-3 times a day from June-August and really pours on the Scott's and is hyper green and a total PITA to mow. This lawn is lagging now and dingy.
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