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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Keep in mind...the soil cools off slower than the air. The roots are still assimilating nutrients. Photosynthesis goes on even in cold weather. So the grass gets dark green, roots grow deeper and get fatter as starch is accumulated and stored in the roots for next year. A certain amount of nitrogen is probably stored also.
Our local professors suggest slow-release nitrogen. Quick release is fine--BUT--heavy rains can result in leaching of the quick-release nitrogen deep into the soil--eventually contaminating ground water.
I wouldn't add phosphorus, nor much potassium unless a soil test indicated a need. The idea that either will stimulate roots is not supported by most turf professors.
Makes perfect sense to me. Going to keep as many accounts up around 3.0"+ as I can. My grass stayed fairly green right into December last year. The only time I ever collect clippings is that first low mow down to 2.25" - 2.5" in March during dryier weather range if the turf has been kept on the long side over the winter. This stimulates the crowns and removes the dry dormant turf and the green up is dramatic. I have pics somewhere along with power-raking test strips.

My premise is the turf needs some stimulation and IF the grass has already been put to bed and mowed down to 2" +/- 0.5" there is NOT as much material to remove. More dry dead dormant grass to get pulled up with high lift blades or better yet G5/G6 gators....all that much better.

And if the turf is green and vibrant right up till the hard freeze And has more leaf area...the more nutrients and goodies gets to the roots and total plant health.

Seriously it was much easier to just fix airplanes. Nobody wants to fly in busted aircraft. Not much debate there.

Not sure if there another business where there is As much disinformation and mass confusion as in lawn care.
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