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I would do some checks that are easy...

I realize you put a new plug in, but did you gap it .030?

How is that rubber PCV tube?
The one that goes from the valve cover to the carburetor / intake.
If it's corroded or cracking or if you're not sure, replace it.
May not keep it from starting but it will make the engine run like ****.

The next thing is with the choke butterfly, I have had it on the CV-15T's when that butterfly closes most of the way but not completely, can't remember what I did to fix it but I recall ...

Removing the air filter, then...
While manually activating the throttle, visually inspecting the valve.

Completely remove the air filter's bottom plastic base (two nuts), once you have a clear view of the carburetor I'd clean all the linkages and springs and everything down there that likes to get all gunked up, again I won't say that will keep it from starting but lets get this one good and done.

Once that's all nice and clean, re-install that black plastic base, snug it all up good.

Now to test and see if the choke is working, it helps to simply have someone put their hand over the carb's mouth but if you don't have anyone around you will need to close off that opening somehow while you pull ONCE or twice...

Shouldn't take more than a pull or two...

With mine it's always been either the coil, the butterfly choke valve, too wide a gap (or bad) spark plug, PCV tube, something along those lines.
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