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Originally Posted by rrev75 View Post
I didn't remove the flywheel. I just took all the top apart and sighted down the keyway. Looked dead straight in there. And the coil lines up perfectly with the spot on the flywheel. I was wondering about the ACR. Where is it located? I'm looking at the service manual and can't figure it out
Couple of things......
1. It's a woodruff ( half-moon shape ) key, which means it would be pretty hard to see if the key is sheared, since there ain't no visible keyway in the crank, no? I admit, its been a while since I even needed to look at one. I usually just pop the wheel off....
2. The coil will always line up with the "spot" on the flywheel, no matter what is going on with the key! Its the relationship withe the coil, the "spot" , and the piston position in the bore that counts, no? Hence the key being the "key".
One way to check the timing is to pull the valve cover, rotate crank till piston is coming up on COMPRESSION stroke and insert a skinny screwdriver in plug hole to check piston position is near TDC. Thats when ya look for the "spot" to line up with the coil. And by " spot" I mean magnet. Right?
3. The ACR is covered in section 10 p.1 of my saved manual. I'm not sure about a picture though.
4. Sounds like the choke is workin, but to be sure, I usually unbolt/remove the air filter base and tighten the carb back up using a couple of sockets to space the carb nuts. Then you can check and adjust the choke etc.
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