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Originally Posted by ztman View Post
Pete, I own both, a ZT and a garden tractor. If I had to keep just one, it would be the ZT. It cuts twice as fast as the tractor and gives a much better cut. If you only have a 200 ft drive way, I would not buy a snow blower to attach to a tractor. Use a high quality walk behind or get a plow guy, which will probably cost you fifty dollars just to do your drive.
Maybe your Z does better than your tractor, but you can't make a broad assertion like that. I run both too, and have for years. The GT's will cut as good as any ZTR made...period. Like everything else, it depends on which brand, and which model you have in either type. My 23 YO JD garden tractor will lay down as nice a cut as your Z gauranteed. I've posted pics of the cut on here many times to back it up. It stripes awesome too, and I don't have any type of striper kit on it anywhere. It may not be as fast, but speed only matters when you're in this for money, or pressed for time, and the OP is not.
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