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Originally Posted by pete326 View Post
Ridin' Green --- Can you tell me anything about the Kubota T2380? I've always been under the impression that Kubota makes real nice, high-quality equipment. Is that also true for the T2380? The closest dealer is only 10 minutes away and he sells both Simplicity and Kubota.
Kubota makes some nice stuff, but I've always been a fan of JD for a few reasons. One, JD usually has better designs in their products as far as layout or control functions etc., ( again, depends on the model, but model for model they generally do).

Two, I am a proud American, and I like to keep the profit money here in the USA instead of Japan or China whenever and wherever I can. I know that all brands these days use engines, trans's, etc., from other countries now days, but the end profit for Deere stays here.

You don't need a blower for snow, and there are some good reasons not to have one. Like getting blasted in the face with snow when the wind is wrong, and the fact that it is a solo purpose attachment. That's why i mentioned a blade too. I have a blade, broom and 2 stage bower for my CUT, but the blade gets the most use.
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