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Originally Posted by YardPro View Post
you own a business and have this attitude?
you actually have employees with this attitude?
Currently I'm solo, but in the past I had many employees under me. When an employee is at home with family at their dinner table I do not expect them to be thinking about work. However, when they are at work, on my time, they had better have their head in the game. Whether its an 8 hr day or a 14 hr day.

In the future I plan on having employees. But paying a guy $10/hr I only expect to get work out of him for the time he is getting paid. Its foolish and unrealistic to expect a $10/hr employee to be thinking about how to improve the route, or business model, or try to upsell current customers, or worry about the parts that are on back order, or the bid that has to be turned in by friday. However, if a guy has the "act as if" attitude and is acting like a crew leader/foreman for $10/hr then he will be on the radar and first for a raise/promotion. But I'm not asking nor expecting this from a normal employee.
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