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Ugh. Not running across any clearanced trimmers that I'd want.
Home Depot had about 5 refurbished Echo 225s a week ago, but they are gone now. Only Ryobi's left.

Trimmers I currently own:
- Stihl FS90R (that just stopped running)

- Cheapo Yardman 4 cycle split shaft. It's my backup - which is also not running.
I also have all the attachments for it and while many will scoff at the use of homeowner garbage, I've used them to make money and they have paid for themselves many times over. (I bought all of them including the trimmer on clearance dirt cheap)

I had hoped I would run across another deal on a homeowner split shaft that would allow me to have a trimmer until the Stihl is repaired and would allow me to continue to use all of my attachments. (the hedge trimmer and pole pruner see the most use and come in handy)

Since I didn't see any cheap stuff that appealed to me, I started thinking I may just get the Stihl FS 56RC for $219 and be done with it.
While it's not a true commercial trimmer, it's got to be leaps and bounds better than the crap from Home Depot.
That would give me a decent backup trimmer, but I'd still need to get the Yardman running before I could use any attachments.

Then I stopped in Lowes to see what they had and saw the Husqvarna trimmers. The 128LD is a 28cc unit for $219 that HAS a split shaft and accepts all that homeowner crap that I have!


I know nothing about the brand and don't know if it would be comparable in quality to the Stihl Homescaper series FS 56RC, but it MAY solve a few problems all at the same time.

I asked if it could be returned if I fired it up and just didn't care for the way it ran. "You can return it within 30 days".

I'm off to do some research and read reviews.
I also need to go out tomorrow and will check out a few more stores to see what I can turn up.
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