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Hey Ron,

I believe we're in the same area. I mulch/side discharge most of the summer, you have to mow weekly if you do this, ten days and its usually too long. Bag for clean ups for a bit in the spring until the grass really starts growing. Then I throw the bags back on when the leaves start coming down. Recycling the grass is great for turf, but with all the trees we have around here, the mulched up leaves and pine needles will be way overkill for returning to the turf in most cases.

For me this means taking the bags and vac off my ztr for the summer months and throwing on a little mulching kit attachment i made, which I use mostly for side discharge anyways. Your best bet would be something with a bagger you could take off and mulch/side discharge with during the summer. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.
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