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Anybody else feeling squeezed?

Yards that are treated are growing like gangbusters yet. Most of my properties were treated 2-4 weeks ago, and with all the moisture, they are growing well. Meanwhile, the leaves are piling up, and fast. Many properties, I am having to spend 50-100% more time, some even longer, to get them cleaned up. The Wednesday rainout, and half-day rainout on Thursday really hurt. Despite all the forecasts, and even the green blobs on the radar, I did pretty well today. I encountered some light sprinkles a couple of times, but was able to work through until late this afternoon.

I think most of the regular schedules have now been replaced by "when can I get there next?"

Perhaps it is time to put away the work shorts for the season. The damp and cold today brought out some clothes that have not been worn since early Spring.
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