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For what it's worth, I did an experiment tonight...took a 83.7 mile trip and used 3.837 gallons, coming out to 21.81 my experiment was to go 59 MPH (which sucked in a 75 speed limit)...the boost was around 4 and the rpm's were 1500...filled up at a gas station on the outside of town, took the non stop highway all the way to my destination which was right off the highway, and back to the gas station, filled it up to the exact point, which is until I see the foam about to come out

For those who didn't read through, I have a 6.4 PowerStroke with a 275 spartan tuner, all emissions I said earlier, doing 79 I got 16.3, and in town I get 13.5

REAL world numbers, hand calculated every single fill up
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