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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post

For those who didn't read through, I have a 6.4 PowerStroke with a 275 spartan tuner, all emissions I said earlier, doing 79 I got 16.3, and in town I get 13.5

REAL world numbers, hand calculated every single fill up
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I don't like calculating mileage on just a few gallon fill up. I know on our Vortec, it's got 2x28 gal tanks. If I fill up anywhere under 20 gallons, it's always around 7~7.4 mpg. On those rare times that I do feel like wasting a bunch of money and almost filling up both tanks I've noticed the mileage will go up to over 9mpg. Basically what I'm saying, on our gasser the longer we go the "better" mpg it gets, even if it is just 2 gal.
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