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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
I have had jackwagons tell me they are surprised to see me mix up the 1.25 oz rate of Certainty with MSO and Quicksilver, then boom the whole lawn. "dude, you are going to yellow the grass". I would imagine Celsius could be much worse, but I have never seen any damage from it. The jackwagons only use Sedgehammer because there is almost no risk of yellowing the lawn and it is sold in single dose boxes at garden shops. They cannot shop where I do. Fertilizing a couple of weeks before treating is yet one more step to get the most out of an application and lowering the risk of adverse reactions by the grass.
lol that's what I use also and never had a problem with yellowing my yard.. the only problem I have had is when I use dismiss or blindside it leaves bad tire marks from my z spray jr.. it wasn't as bad when I lowered the dose to 4oz and acre or 3oz and acre but it still left tire marks pretty bad..i will usually blanket the yard a couple weeks after I have fertilized it...
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