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A backup for a backup is always a good idea. LOL

I think I may now just pick up a new FS90R Monday morning.

I forgot about a decent sized trimming job (tall stuff) I need to get done and while the cheapo attachments would work, it will go faster and easier using the Stihl trimmer attachment I have for the FS90R.

I generally use the cheapo unit and attachments for "dirty work" that I'd rather not use the expensive trimmer/etc on for fear of damaging it. (Like trimming ivy along the ground, near rocks/chain link fences/etc.)
I don't mind damaging a $30 trimmer attachment the way I would a $270 attachment.

I was hesitant to buy another Stihl after having it choke on me twice now, but I don't know where else to turn. Echos just seem cheaply constructed when I look at them and while the Stihl has given me those two problems, that's the ONLY problem I've had with it. (Oh, that and it is hard to start when it gets wet)

Not to mention that after 4 years of using the same trimmer, I'd have to get used to the feel of a different unit. I've never been big on "change", so maybe I'll just stick to what I know.
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