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Hey azz, why don't you read before you react. No one mentioned "temperature" but you. Green mentioned photosynthesis. He also said "quats" would be "affected less" so he didn't "qualify" anything as "being slow" pertaining to "quats". For a phd no it all label writer, you sure need to read and comprehend a little better. Now go kick your dog or something to release that pent up frustration, because greendoc is appreciated here unlike you. Your ending is's exactly what greendoctor said in the first place

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
Are only older chemistries affected by temperature? If temperature impacts plant growth, all herbicides will be impacted.

By "Quats", do you mena PSI inhibitors? Paraquat and diquat are known to react in a matter of hours, even in complete darkness. Sure, they work minutes quicker in direct sunlight, but can you qualify it as "slow" if it takes 60 minutes vs 45 minutes?

Cloudy weather will impact triazines, but just the cloudy weather alone usually isn't the culprit. It is a combination of temperature, moisture, and sunlight. Triazines are very soluble in water and steady drizzles over time ofter reduce root uptake.

In short, its just gonne take a little bit longer than you're used to. That's all.
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