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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
The other fear the guys have here is if you get the ZTR and become skilled on it you may just decide to jump into the trade and start a landscaping company of your own. ZTRs are easy enough to learn how to use but until you develop muscle memory they can be dangerous. They had an article on here this year of an old man using one he just bought for the first time he drove under a low deck and didn't know how to back out and crushed his chest on the deck. Other idiots flip them and either crush them selves that way or drown. Iv never seen anyone do anything like that with a ZTR but I did see a homeowner cutting a bank next to a road with a tractor while I was sitting 200 feet back at a light. It wasn't very steep my ZTR would hold that with no problems at all in fact I wouldn't even need to slow down. But this guy managed to flip his tractor right in front of me into the road where he landed on his face with his tractor on top of him. I drive a 48ft rig all day long with no issues I put a car driver in it and were going to see an accident. The point is everything can be dangerous to an unskilled under trained person. What ever you decide take it slow and master it and you won't have the lawn damage nor the danger of hurting yourself on things you should know to watch out for.

I think that is probably true, but that is far from being a factor in what I posted top the OP.

I just get tired of all the guys here who have no experience with a tractor other than running their uncle's TSC Husky lawn tractor a few times during visits in the summer, and those who have no experience with tractors at all telling someone that a tractor is useless. They aren't, and are far better for certain applications such as a HO who needs an all around machine and doesn't have the money or desire to store two or three separate machines.
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