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Originally Posted by AfterhoursVT View Post
What was burning up in your undercarriage? What kind of day to day maintenance did you do to your undercarriage?

I have a Cat 257 that I bought last December. Most of the hours I have logged on it have been snow removal hours. I love the machine in the snow. Pushes everything I ask of it, pushes up hill, and rarely slips. Plus it is easy on the lawn when I am pushing piles over.

I have talked to a lot of CAT MTL owners in the area and no one seems to have major track issues. The undercarriage is complicated but a simple cleaning after every use will save you $$ in the long run. Keep the tracks cleaned, don't allow for stuff to build up and allow for a little extra care/caution when operating in conditions that might chew up the tracks.
What's major? My problems could have been considered not major, but just excessive. My undercarriages were cleaned daily, I don't like working in mud, we little if any rocks in our soils. Idler bearings, I had grease able bair aluminum idlers, bogie wheels and bearings, idler axles(broke off), drive carriages, drive and side lugs, replaced with Larry lugs, then had problems with pulling Larry lugs thru tracks, tracks were going 400-500 hrs less if they tore, our tracks always wore heavy where the rollers ran(almost seem like tracks were not firm enough to spread the weight out.

All of these are problems that plagued these machines, I ignored all of this when I bought mine because I got a good deal. This is what I experienced and is similar to a lot of others. If u don't use the machine on a daily basis or lite use I am sure if would do okay
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