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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The thread was about promoting the benefits of core aeration...
What are the benefits of core aeration??? Does it create a proper seedbed???

Once you tell the client that he could really use core aeration to plant more grass seed,,, then he sees what you got with these "Doll Hair" sprigs of grass, do you think the client is going to be happy that he core aerated instead of seeded???
The core aerator was developed for other purposes, and one seeds afterwards to repair any damage that doesn't grow back...
If the objective is to overseed then one should prepare a seedbed...
Actually, this thread is about core aeration advertising. The other thread was about core aeration benefits. I was just wondering what some of y'all do to educate customers (or future customers) and get the word out there in layman's terms, not lawn care professional or horticulturist terms. I just want a way that will spark interest and curiosity and lead to some sales.
I like the previous suggestion of getting out there and doing it so people will see it, even if it means a discounted rate or for free. I have been considering doing so, just haven't done it yet.
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