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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
How do you implement the convenience fee to your customers? I tried it, but then i found out it was against paypal policy. Much less cusotmers used paypal to pay me when i was trying to charge $3.00 to pay online. I still rather paypal payments over checks, easier to deal with. figure the fees will be tax deductible anyways.
Yea, it's against credit card policies to charge an extra fee for customers using cc to pay. Basically, you have to determine if the convenience is worth it to you or not. Like it's been said, it's more convenient and in many instances can be easier to sell the customer on larger projects. We used to use Paypal and were happy overall but now have switched to a new system where clients can login to their account, view invoices, pay them via cc, and it automatically gets deposited to our account. Lot easier on the accounting end of things. The that you refer to is the only one piece of the pie. You need a merchant account through another third party to hold your money and transfer it. Hard to explain on here but basically runs the transaction side of things but doesn't not hold anyones' account - from what I understand.
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