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I know that in grassmasterwilson's location, it is turning from fall into winter. It sure isn't hot and cloudy where he is. Triazines are not the same in warm, sunny weather. Guess that is why there are now specific dates when they may be applied. Although I never had a problem with simazine or atrazine between June and September before there were date restrictions. Now why would someone apply that at that time of year? How about because those products are safe on newly plugged or sprigged grasses. Unlike Ronstar, which cannot be used on residential lawns or the DNA herbicides which will prune the roots off of the new grass. Or that if applied with the now restricted MSMA, it was a very good treatment for grassy weeds that also broke the cycle of those grassy weeds re taking a newly controlled area that did not inhibit tack down of zoysia or bermuda stolons crawling in from surrounding areas.
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