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I send out a Spring and Fall notice. A snippet of Spring 2013 which was mailed out April 1:

SPRING CLEANUP: February's blizzard, and subsequent wind storms certainly
left a mess! If you have not already cleaned up the branches and debris in your yard
after the winter storms, please call me ASAP to schedule a cleanup.
ALL lawns must be clear of sticks and debris before I will mow, or you will be
charged for cleanup accordingly.
• RETURNING LAWN CLIENTS: I will continue to mow your lawn using the schedule
you requested last season. If you wish to make any changes to your schedule, please
contact me as soon as possible.
• SNOW PLOW CLIENTS: If I plow your driveway because your current landscaper
doesn't plow – it is time to make the switch for full-service!
Please complete and return the attached form indicating your mowing preferences.
ALL lawn customers returned.
TWO plow-only accounts made the switch!
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