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I use, i make the forms for me estimate requests, and i have one that integrates paypal billpay into my website once they click pay now it goes to paypal though. guess its close enough for now

Originally Posted by cardkid2331 View Post
What is the cheapest way to incorporate online bill pay into a website? I'm not new to web-building and eCommerce...that's actually my main business. I've just never had to add a customized bill pay for each customer. As far as I know, you can't do a "Bill Pay" service on an Ecommerce platform.

Here is my website now - - If I could do it like this, I would, but I don't see how.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I have a payment processor, but currently all checkout functions on my current website are through the hosting provider's secure checkout service. It's invisible to the buyer, but when they checkout, they are "no longer on my site" until they finish checkout. I'm wondering if there is a 3rd party bill pay system that I can just link to..


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