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Originally Posted by CherylMD View Post
The Quickbooks Online Payments were actually very easy to set up. A quick questionaire where you fill in your bank info, a day or so later, an email letting you know you're good to go. The Quickbooks actually assigns the LINK to each individual invoice. If a customer receives online billing, they just click the link. If they receive a printed invoice - their own link is there, just type it into the search bar online, and the rest is up to them.

My customers that are using it are "older" people, so it must be easy enough!
I hope you can answer a few questions for me...

When the customer clicks the link on the emailed invoice or types it in their browser, what happens...what does the customer see/have to do to make a payment?

Does this bring them to a screen that shows them their invoice with the balanced owed on their account (total of multiple invoices for their account) or do they only see this one invoice or is their a blank payment box that the customer has to enter the amount they wish to pay? If the customer gets an invoice for $100 can the customer enter a payment of $50 or are they only able to make the full payment of $100?

Am I correct in assuming that this is handled on an Intuit/Quickbooks website and not on my website?

How automated is the system when it comes to recording the payments that have been received? What do I have to do inside of Quickbooks each time a customer makes a payment? Is it as simple as clicking a sync button or do I have to manually enter every payment and deposit like I do when I receive a check from the customer?

Sorry for all the questions.
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