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I believe Husqvarna makes some options for a tractor also. Had a sears version (made by husqvarna) for 7 years and a several hundred + hours that was used to mow 3 acres and plow my drive. Father in law is using it now on his property. Purchased a Bad Boy outlaw 54" beginning of summer and couldn't be happier. Took about an hour and 50 mins to 2 hours to mow with the 54" lawn tractor. Takes about an hour now maybe an hour 10 mins. No comparison on cut quality and clippings dispersal, in a totally different class than the tractor and rightfully so. Initially intended to purchase a mibar blade to handle snow but rethinking that now. Might just get a snow thrower. We'll see. I think the ZTR would work wonderfully, but planning ahead and getting the ZTR from the shed to the drive after it has already snowmed might be an issue. Was with the tractor, always had to plan ahead.
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