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I have passed out over 2,000 door hanger flyers over the summer.

By summer most people already have a lawn service. You will only pick up the customers who hired the guy who cut grass for beer and decided to quit when it hit 85 degrees out. Also, your flyer looks like it was done in neon crayons. Do you think anyone is gonna take Turf Surfers with neon crayon door hangers seriously?

And the logo website and everything was done by graphic artist.

That might be true but nobody sees it, I guarantee you. Can you even find it using google? I'm not even mentioning SEO. If you think all you have to do is hire a graphic artist to do a website and it is gonna bring in customers, you are already way behind the power curve. If a graphic artist done your flyer, ask for your money back, seriously. It is probably actually losing customers for you.

Back in mid west was nothing for word of mouth to spread and soon be mowing there family and friends too.

Please don't base a start-up business on word of mouth. Businesses need to be established and show good work before word of mouth is really effective.

I'm gonna be honest. You really should get a regular job and just mow yards on the side and don't lowball and offer to pay for referrals. If you have to do that, it is a sign that you are failing and probably ruining pricing for the legit businesses in your area. Based on what you wrote here, it sounds like you have done this before and you are still clueless as to what it takes to bring in customers and a few "tips" from this forum probably won't save you.

Sorry to be so brutal but lying to people doesn't help them in any way.

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