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PTO driven sprayer alternate power possible?

Other than handhelds and a backpack sprayer, everything I spray is with a 50 gal tank and 14' boom on the back of a John Deere tractor. I do not do any lawns other than my own and have a 2 acre minimum, which is what is practical with my equipment. I do have a short (80') hose and gun if I need to do trim work.

It is not convenient to trailer this tractor. I do it when I need to but drive it when I can. The sprayer, on the other hand, is easy to move around but there is nothing to drive the pump without the tractor's PTO.

Have any of you ever used a gasoline engine or electric motor to in place of a PTO at or near 540 RPM? I could consider doing some smaller jobs if not for the tractor. I'm not about to haul that anywhere to do a 15,000 sq ft lawn. I am not chopping at the bit to do any lawn work. It's more a matter of wondering if this is mechanically possible.

I do not need or want a ride on. I only spray about ten days a year. My tractor, which I do use to spray, is usually at the center of whatever work I do. Often when I start a job I am there several weeks. That is, I am not moving it every week muchless several times a day.
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