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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
foreplease, the Ecolawn has two wheels up front and one in the rear. As the two front wheels go up the ramp, you have to lift the rear handle bar/rear tire up to drive the machine into it's carrier. Sounds a little tricky....but it's not too bad.

I had a friend extend the ramps 15 inches to make the ramp pitch not a steep.

Usually I load and unload the Ecolawn off in the street, so when I load the's even with their driveway to make reloading easy and quick.

I will have to take a picture of the new ramps with the extensions. It turned out really nice.

The organic composting/core aeration has stopped right now....we were already getting flurries today....the high was 38 degrees.
The new 200s have two rear wheels. I'm currently using the 100 but a after demoing the 200 I will be getting that in a few months
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