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My CTL machine is 8 years old now bought it new and had 2100 hour on my oringinal track which i replaced with Bridgestone Polor Track,don't do snow ,but do work in a lot of muddy conditions.Spring and fall the machine is used alot in not so good of condtions.At least it is dirt ony most of the time.Altho dirt is like concrete now because of the drought here.The Polor Tracks are holding up good tho and plus i like the tread design for the mud better traction.

As to cost of owning a CTL trck machine for me i feel lucky,but also take care of the machine and use it hard when we use it ,but not abuse it and it shows and pays.

I have a little over 3000 hours and the new tracks is all that i have replaced in that amount of time,which was $3800 at the time i bought them.Still running the same rollers and sprockets and they haven't bee flipped from side to side.I used 2000 hours and divided it into the $3800 cost of the Polor Tracks and the cost was $1.9 dollars per hours.So i think the CTL machine for me has been a great investment.

I'm probably the exception to the rule I'm sure,but not ever one has high cost of owning a track machine.It pays to take care of your machine, who, and how it is run.Plus because of what i use the machine for i can't do with out the CTL track machine.
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