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2 stroke engine problems diagnosis MEOW

You were linked to this thread because it is the definitive collection on 2 stroke small engine diagnosis. Watch the videos over and over and you will learn something new every time.

This is a collection of how to diagnosis and test all brands of 2 stroke small engine from start to finish. This is specifically for red max but applies to most other brands. I suggest anyone that has little, no, or even extensive 2 stroke repair and diagnosis to check them out. If this thread is buried you can find it by searching


common ground
secondary compression
carburetor pressure testing
all spark plugs are NOT the same fuel tank and vent pressure/vacuum test fuel filter and fuel line inspection and testing primary compression and vacuum testing
youtube links
It is very important for you to post your results once the problem is solved so that people will be able to reference a solution to their problem down the road. YEARS may go by and someone has the same problem PLEASE POST YOUR "IT WAS FIXED WITH x SOLUTION.
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