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Originally Posted by Ghopper3345 View Post
So when you want to slow down the mower you just lower the throttle ? But then do you get a bad cut? It just seems to me you would want the engine high and a slower gear
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No you don't. The clip rate or number of cuts per inch traveled is matched to the forward speed. Too much reel speed vs travel speed just fans the grass, leaving much of it not mowed. Conversely, not enough reel speed in relation to travel speed is not enough cuts per inch, leaving a washboard or corrugated grass surface. My Toro Greensmaster 1000 is the same way. To mow, I throw in the reel engagement clutch, then at low throttle, engage the main clutch. The engine speed is increased as needed. BTW, I use this mower on small-medium size residential lawns. At no time am I running behind this mower, the engine speed-travel speed is set such that I am walking at a deliberate pace and in no danger of losing control.
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