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Originally Posted by sgbotsford View Post
I don't understand why people want striping. To me striping is either a symptom of a lawn cut too long, or a lawn that has too much space between grass plants. Right after mowing, yeah, you will see some evidence of the mower passing, but within half a day, you should be unable to tell which way the mower passed over the lawn.
Because striping looks nice on a lawn. otherwise, you just have a yard with half the yard dark from one pass direction, and the other half light from an opposite pass direction. that looks poor IMO, and like someone who either doesn't know how to do it correctly, or is too lazy to try to do it at all. Either that, or they could care less how their work and/or customers lawns look, and are only interested in making as much money as they can. The thing about that attitude around here, is that they won't be making as much as they can for very long.
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