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Originally Posted by addictedtolandscaping View Post
Ducke with regard to the books, I agree wit Bryan, lots of info on here. HYD puts on a great training class, thoug Dave references Christmas Decor a few times in the training discussions, big $ to get on board with them, but it is my understanding they have the best training and top of the line if not the best LED products.

The book Christmas Designers has was written by one of their staff members whom I have dealt with multiple times - Jason. I was considering it a couple years ago, discussed it with him and he told me I would only get reference use out of it, chances are I wouldn't get anything new. Again I come back to this forum, that is how I started out. Absolute tremendous amount of info on here. I think the biggest thing I would look at is what the time will be for product to get to you.
Product is not a big deal I can get it out of USA in 5 to 7 days regular ground or 2 to 3 day rush or I even have a couple of Canadian dealers in Quebec and Ontario that can ship next day if needed. I know the on the roof end of the Biz its the sales and billing end of things that I need to know more about.
I delivered a quote today so now its a waiting game to see if I'm in the ball park or way out to lunch.
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