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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Okay....running full throttle today and prospective clients are asking about Fall sulfur treatment with my ap plans. Every lawn competitor has treated looks iffy as if nothing special was done...?

In fact my fert accounts that got less than the recommend Fall Nitrogen looks waaaaay better than the sulphur created lawns.

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Sulfur can burn foliage under the right conditions. There is labeling for some sulfur products to treat powdery mildew, rust and for management of Take All Patch. I use it strictly for soil pH correction and for supplementing sulfur levels when soil tests indicate a need. What kind of grass do you have out there? 100% KBG or colonial bent? Those fungicides I mentioned were evaluated for protection of bent grass golf greens and came out as the top performers. I am with Riggle. Would rather apply something that the grass can use. More like a moderate nitrogen liquid with potassium and micronutrients. I remember a past discussion about a liquid winterizer application. My suggestion was the above formula. It there is true disease pressure, one of the effective fungicide treatments should go in the tank as well.
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