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Sulfur is somewhat unpredictable as a fungicide. Sure it has some of those properties in that it lowers the pH to kill the fungi--however it will only have this effect IF the pH is under 5.6 and needs warm soil to be activated. Not a winter time game. One risks a dropping of pH so low that the and fertilize and nutrients will be locked up grass will thin or even die. A better solution would be the Heritage mix that Greendoctor recommended. Sulfur lying on the top of the ground in winter is also prone to interactions of other AI's that would be used in the spring such as pre-em. The two do not play well together--another prossible dead turf issue. I've seen all the above and would urge to think it through. Replacing sod would eliminate any profit from the sulfur application. Do your homework with a soil test with pH and check the buffering before amending the soil. You may be surprised. We don't have "Snow Mold" in the south, however the actions on fungi do not change that much.
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