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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
I am low at $100 an acre....I gotta go up next year. This volume discount thing kills me....i can by a truck load of fert or 220 -275 gallons of broadleaf control I dont get a volume discount. I do offer a 5% prepayment discount to all residential though. Sorry off post.
$100/acre...No Freakin way! A good quality 30%N fert costs me around $20/50lb. 3 bags per acre and my material cost for fert alone is $60 add a little weed control and I'm out there for $20/acre. No thanks...

I have never given volume discounts. I look at it like this. I need to make as much money spraying one 44,000 ft sq lawn as I do spraying four 11,000 ft sq lawns. The materials cost me the same either way. The only thing I have saved by doing one large stop as opposed to the four smaller ones is about a gallon of gas used to drive between them. IMO, volume discounts are for businesses selling a product, not a service.
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