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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
So in other words, the enviro-nazis should be worried about China and not the clean burning plants in the US?

I agree.
You know, you would think China would have learned from our mistakes and start using the clean coal method? Maybe they think it is too expensive. We should definitely be working with them to help change their coal burning plants over. Not money but technology help. Really won't matter what we do if other countries don't do the same. I am not going to debate Global warming. I just like to see the Blue sky and be able to breath fresh air--don't you Mark? I really don't want to mow in the smog like the Chinese do. There is extremist when it comes to the environment that is for sure. Just as there are extremist who go the other way. Extremist going the other way have led to the health problems the Chinese are suffering through. This has cost the Chinese government a fortune in treating these medical related problems
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