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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
Yea but you really can't be skeptical about how Coal is polluting China. [/B]
No, not skeptical at all! Its funny, I was going to bring up pollution in general but though better of it. I was going to bring this up in particular...

Anyway, the point I was getting at is unless we can come up with a realistic way to replace energy derived from coal, nothing will change.
Taxing you and I wont stop it, unless we're taxed to the point where we cant afford to buy anything. ie, China crashes, stops the need for energy = less pollution. But that will mean the loss of mining and all associated jobs. That would be VERY bad for our economy with the trickle down or knock on effect.

I really dont know the answers thats for sure, its just really hard to know who to trust and or believe. I have no doubt there is big money involved. Cap n trade for example! What a load of sh!t! Corruption!

At the end of the day I do want clean air, water and non GM food. Cleaning up China, India etc is a great start but as I said, we need something to replace or drastically reduce the amount of coal being burnt world wide.
We need a new energy source!

Think of all those billions being wasted on the wars for oil. If only a fraction was used on R&D surely someone could come up with a solution. Or is that just wishful thinking? How about subsidised solar panels on every roof, all fed into the grid during the day to power industry. Feasible? I dont know!
Ahhhhhh, it does my head in and is why I gave up a long while ago thinking anything will change.

The world really is getting screwed over. Be interesting to see what its like in 100yrs from now. I feel sorry for my grand kids.
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