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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
agreed. That is why we job cost everything we did this year. Some odd ends were left out but from time / account. Product used. Travel to and from. Every now and then it is just good business sense to take the time, document everything you possible can and sit down and re-evalute "the business". Usually my or yourself's work is always good therefore that seldom changes.
So u charge the same price per k for a 3k lawn as you do a 30k lawn?

We have a price break as the lawns get larger.
I think every business does wether it's painting laying asphalt or lawn care.
Time and fuel is a huge cost if I can do 15 acres a day vs someone doing 150k a day that is worth a lot to me.
Plus larger lawns should help you increase your buying power and that helps even more.

We charge about $5.50 per k on a 10 k lawn. That is right where most everyone is in our marketing area.
We can't charge $5.50 per k on a acre. No way!

We are down to $3-3.50 on large lawns and making good money!
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