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Went and treated the entire property. What the town gis said the lot was 7.33 acres. I tried to measure it with my wheel but the property was so large and irregular. I estimated the house and driveway to be .33 acres. That is how I came up with the 7 acres.

It took my 2 hrs from gate drop to gate lift. I had to fill the zmax up 1 time. Everything went smooth. After calculating the gallons I used the actual spray coverage was a little over 6 acres. A plus for me. The property is surrounded on 3 sides by a farmers field so they may have plowed over the property line. Then you also have to subtract the beds.

So I priced it at 7 acres and sprayed out 6 acres. Job took 2 hrs. Sprayed simazine at 1 qt per acre and feel I did pretty good on it.
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